DoctCo provides you with
high-quality and affordable healthcare within 15 minutes

Making quality healthcare
accessible for Bharat

Our Story

DoctCo started with the goal of providing healthcare accessibility to Bharat. We believe that everyone must have access to quality healthcare in the shortest period of time, in their vicinity.

Our founder, Nimith Agarwal, first-hand faced the physical, mental, emotional and financial stress of having to travel from Varanasi to Chennai every month for his sister’s treatment. His experience strengthened his resolve the problem of inaccessible healthcare.

Nimith found a solid partner in Colonel Hemraj Singh Parmar who came with 25+ years of experience in a leadership role, i.e., Group CEO of chains of hospital handled 2000 crore+ businesses, acquired multiple hospitals, carried DD & M&A for over $500 Million.

A blend of technology and network, DoctCo team is on a mission to make super speciality treatment affordable and approachable in every corner of India.

What can DoctCo do for you?


15 Minute Access

Doct Co provides the access of Super Speciality Treatment for patients anywhere within just 15 minutes

DoctCo Saathi

Get a dedicated full-time DoctCo Saathi who will be at your service from the moment you enter the hospital till leaving the hospital - anything, anytime

Medical Expertise

Get the most renowned Super Specialists for your treatment with our exceptional clinical expertise and wide-spread network

Post-Surgery Care

Receive the best post-operative care with our super specialists regularly visiting your location

Who is DoctCo for?

Orthopedics – Bones/Joints

Urology / Nephrology - Kidney

Cardiac Sciences - Heart

Gastroenterology - Stomach

Transplants – Kidney, Liver, Cornea

Neurology – Brain/Spine

Oncology - Cancer





Kidney Stone

Gallbladder Stone

Varicose Veins

DoctCo Ecosystem

The Team

The team that is committed to bridge the gap between urban and rural healthcare


Nimith Agrawal


Col. Hemraj Parmar Singh


Pranay Gupta
Founding Advisor


Dr. Neelam Mohan
Clinical Advisor


Dr. Anand Maheshwari
Core Team

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